Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sweaty Armpit Worship and Female Wrestling

A special interest piece brought to you by Wrecks and Orlandoe...

Armpit Worship & Wrestling
Wrecks vs Orlandoe

By special request, Wrecks and Orlandoe star together in this wrestling & armpit worship video!

Wrecks takes on Orlandoe in an impromptu, playful apartment wrestling match. After 10 minutes of wrestling, Wrecks overpowers Orlandoe, sits on her face, and ties her arms together. Wrecks then drags Orlandoe up onto a bed, ties Orlandoe's arms and feet to the bed posts, and and then proceeds to have her way with Orlandoe.... by enjoying Orlandoe's armpits and armpit hair!

While Orlandoe is tied, Wrecks sits on Orlandoe's belly and kisses, licks, plays with, and admire's Orlandoe's hairy, sweaty armpits. Wrecks teases her victim, tickling her at times and thoroughly enjoying her armpits. In the end, she leaves Orlandoe tied and struggling on the bed, armpits exposed.

Great for fans of female armpit hair and armpit worship. Many close ups of Orlandoe's hairy armpits, especially during the armpit worship portion of the video.

Filmed in Full HD. Display Size: 1280 x 720.

Available at the Female Wrestling clip4sale store here:

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