Friday, January 29, 2010

Jenny Sjodin vs Kim of Italy. NYC Wrestling Showcase Match!

Greetings Wrestling Fans!

I am pleased to announce that we have finished processing the first downloadable match from the NYC Wrestling Showcase this past weekend. In honor of our European visiting wrestlers, who are only in town for a few more days, we made a push to release their match first.

Jenny Sjodin vs Kim of Italy
Female Competitive Wrestling

VeVe Lane comments on Jenny Sjodin vs. Kim of Italy:
"Jenny and Kim, two of my favorite and toughest opponents, one hailing from Sweden, the other from Italy, crossed the Atlantic to finally be united in battle right here in NYC.

Having faced both these ladies before myself, I can vouch that they are the real deal -- highly skilled grapplers, full of competitor's spirit and 100% fight. Going in, I couldn't begin to predict the winner, and the ladies didn't disappoint. It was a hard-fought, VERY close match..."

Jenny Sjodin: 5'8" and 143 lbs
Kim of Italy: 5'8" and 132 lbs

This video is available as a download or DVD. See our store page for details:

Also find the trailer for the "Jenny vs Kim" Showcase match on youtube here:



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Monday, January 11, 2010

Veronica Vicious' Last Public Appearance: Jan 23 NYC

Greetings Wrestling Fans,

Veronica Vicious has just let us know that January's NYC Wrestling Showcase will be her final public appearance before her retirement from the public session wrestling scene.

Ms. Vicious had originally announced her intention to retire in 2009 due to an amazingly busy schedule outside of wrestling, but because of her love of mixed wrestling, she held on and made things work. However, for 2010, life and duty call; Veronica Vicious does indeed plan to retire from the public mixed wrestling scene after her January 23 appearance at the Showcase.

However, she has mentioned that she plans to continue making custom videos and occasional general videos for Doom Maidens, when her schedule permits.

So, if you want to come on down and wish Veronica well on January 23, by all means, join us in NYC's East Village for the Wrestling Showcase! Details here:

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jenny Sjodin and Kim of Italy in NYC. Great Grappling Ladies!

Greetings Wrestling Fans,

Doom Maidens is pleased to announce that VeVe's wrestling colleagues Kim of Italy and Jenny Sjodin of Manchester are heading over to NYC for session tours (and the wrestling showcase on Jan 23). DoomMaidens is pleased to host profiles for these fine female grapplers at, for any fans who would like to see them while they are in New York City.

Jenny Sjodin
5'8" and 150 lbs

In NYC Jan 21-27 , 2010
Her photos and profile are hosted locally here:

Kim of Italy
5'7" and 130 lbs
In NYC from Jan 23-30, 2010
Her photos and profile are hosted locally here:
Kim also has her own personal website here:

Both of these ladies can be reach through their respect contact pages at their guest wrestler profiles.

Both of these ladies have also tangled with VeVe in head-on competitive matches. So you can be they can sure grapple!

Doom Maidens Female and Mixed Wrestling

Sunday, January 3, 2010

NYC Female and Mixed Wrestling Showcase! Jan 23, 2010.

The Grapple Den Wrestling Party proudly presents...

The NYC Female and Mixed Wrestling Showcase
6 Super Stars, 6 Super Fights!

Saturday, January 23, 2010
2 - 5 pm.
At 440 Studios (Studio 4A), 440 Lafayette Street, Manhattan, NYC

Grapple Den joins forces with several celebrity female wrestlers to bring you a special event to kick off 2010! Enjoy 6 Super Fights and a wrestling party, all in the same place!

Our line up of Guest Stars:

Veronica Vicious
VeVe Lane
Amazon Annie
Kim of Italy
Miss Juliette
Jenny Sjodin of Manchester
Sharon (added 12/29/09)

View their photos and stats here:

Super Fight assignments! *

2:15 pm -- Kim vs Jay (mixed)
2:45 pm -- Veronica vs Male Wrestler (mixed)
3:15 pm -- VeVe vs Jenny (f v f)
3:45 pm -- Annie vs Male Wrestler (mixed)
4:15 pm -- Juliette vs Veronica (f v f)
4:45 pm -- Jenny vs Kim (f v f) -- (See: Juliette Calls Out Veronica Video)

All Super Fights will be video taped. These matches will take place every half hour during the party. In the meanwhile, casual matches and mini session can go on in our large wrestling party space.

General Admission:
$30 (online before Jan 9)
$35 (online Jan 9 - Jan 21)
$40 (at the door Jan 23)

Discount Code Admission:
$20 for members of GDA, TES, DSF, LSM, NYC-TNG
contact us for discount code if you are a member of these groups

Online Ticket Purchasing

Remember, this event is on a Saturday afternoon. Contact us if you have any questions. It's going to be a heck of a show.

Multiple mat spaces will be available.

Super Fight Matches will be video taped. You too can have your matches video taped for your personal consumption.


*Caveat: injury or unexpected difficulties may result in a last minute substitution for any expected Special Guest Wrestler

Competitive Mixed Oil Wrestling!

Finally available in our Doom Maidens video store...

Amazon Annie vs Hanz
Mixed Competitive Oil Wrestling

Neither Amazon Annie nor Hanz Vanderkill are strangers to slippery wrestling!

Annie is an experienced mud wrestler, at 6' tall and 190 lbs.
Hanz is a skilled oil wrestler, at 6'1" and 185 lbs.

This mixed wrestling bout brings two evenly matches opponents! There are chokes, scissors, attempted joint locks, and of course a battle to hold position. And both Annie and Hanz realize that, when they fight each other, oil wrestling is harder than you'd think!

Match is three 4-minute rounds
Video running time: 13 min, 7 sec
Available in as a DVD or download.

Details here:

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