Thursday, May 20, 2010

VeVe vs Jenny: REMATCH - Bikini and Gi - intense and sweaty!

In honor of Jenny Sjodin's return to New York City on June 8-14, we are releasing....

VeVe Lane vs Jenny Sjodin: The REMATCH!! (Twice the Sweat!)
Competitive Female Wrestling: Thong Bikini and Uniform

VeVe and Jenny met for a rematch in New York City, following their Showcase bout in January 2010. But this bout was special:

This battle lasted for 40 minutes and features VeVe in her tiniest thong bikini ever.
The ladies fight for 20 sweaty minutes in thong bikinis. Then, with only a few minutes of rest, they don jiujutsu uniforms (gi) over their bikinis to do battle for another 20 minutes.

A sweaty, intense, and exhausting competitive match between two skilled female grapplers!

This REMATCH is a total of 4 rounds, each 10 minutes long.

That's 40 minutes of fighting!
2 rounds in bikini (20 minutes)
2 rounds in uniform (20 minutes)

Available in downloadable or DVD form. You can choose Bikini rounds only (20 min) or the full match (40 min) for downloadables.


Doom Maidens Videographer

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